OctoBox connects your 3D printer to the internet. Once connected, you can monitor, control, and upload files to your printer, no matter where you are.

All you need is a web browser.

Just hook up 3 cables and you are ready to go.

No technical knowledge required.

It comes with a camera and a flexible "octopus clamp", so you can get the best view of your print jobs.

Each OctoBox has its own internet address.

Open a web browser, fill up the address bar, press Enter ...

You see your 3D printer instantly.

When you buy an OctoBox, we will contact you to make sure you get a favourite address for the new box.

Check for your address right now. If it is not taken, make it yours before someone else does.

Is my printer compatible?

If you buy the printer from ArrayZ (that's us), it will always be compatible because we make the printer and OctoBox ourselves.

If yours is a Reprap-based printer, most likely it would be compatible too. Check OctoPrint's list of supported printers to make sure. Our printer control software is adapted from OctoPrint's. Whatever is compatiable with them will be compatible with us.

Why is it beta?

We do our best to make sure it works beautifully.

But being a two-man operation working from a small workshop located in Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong, we have not the resources to test it in many settings.

As we gain more users, OctoBox will get better. In the meantime, please follow some advice below.

OctoBox gives you two types of video streaming: high-quality and low-bandwidth. Just go to the 'System' menu to switch between the two.

Our experience shows that, while high-quality video streams wonderfully over LAN, it is painfully slow over WAN.

To get acceptable video in all situations, please use low-bandwidth streaming (which is the default).

Don't just unplug the power. Always use the 'Shutdown' menu, then wait one minute before unplugging.

Inside OctoBox is a Raspberry Pi, essentially a Linux computer running on an SD card. Unplugging abruptly may corrupt the SD card. If the SD card is corrupted, it will be unable to boot.

We are looking to fool-proof this in the future. For now, please remember to 'Shutdown', and patiently wait a minute before unplugging.

Credits & Thanks

This project would not be possible without them:

Raspberry Pi

Just a reminder to DIY hobbyists: OctoBox is essentially a Raspberry Pi enclosed in a plastic case. It is always possible to swap in another SD card and use it for your own projects. In other words, when you buy an OctoBox, you don't just get an OctoBox. You are also getting a Raspberry Pi to play with.